Summer travel, where are you planning to visit?

If you have a chance to visit Taiwan, Sun Moon Lake (日月潭) is a must see destination. Situated high up in the mountains in central Taiwan, lots of Asian movies and TV series had scenes filmed at Sun Moon Lake. For example, one popular Korean TV drama called “On Air” from 2008, was shot on location at Sun Moon Lake’s Lalu Hotel (涵碧樓). This particular Korean TV drama was sponsored by the Taiwan Tourism Bureau and thus many other scenes in the TV series were filmed on location at other notable Taiwan tourist attractions such as the National Palace Museum (故宮), the historic Jioufen Village (九份), and many other locations.

sun moon lakeThe Lalu Hotel started out its existence in the early 1900s as a vacation house. It was later rebuilt into an official government house for the occupying Japanese military. After 1949, it became President Chiang Kai-Shek’s many retreats in Taiwan that was used primarily for vacation purposes and to entertain foreign head of states. In 1998, the property was sold to a private investor who then spent the next 5 years on renovation. The result was the present day Lalu Hotel. The official grand opening date for this hotel was March 3, 2002.

My fate with the Lalu Hotel started out one summer many years ago while on family vacation. Luckily, I was able to visit this place 5 times since. Every visit brought unique memories and experiences. The beautiful mountain setting, combined with award winning architectural and landscape designs, create an environment that is almost heaven on earth. Peaceful surroundings, breathtaking views of Sun Moon Lake, fresh mountain air, and hearty breakfasts prepared by the hotel staff, all contribute to vivid memories that are simply unforgettable. Taiwan is an island nation full of stunning natural sceneries. If you are in a mood for an exotic faraway vacation, why not consider visiting the Sun Moon Lake in Taiwan? Take a well-deserved break from your busy schedule, and go on a vacation that will relax you from head to toe.


Thinking back toward one of my stays at the Lalu Hotel, the experience was pure enjoyment. During the 1st night at the hotel, after relaxing at our room for about 40 minutes while savoring the complimentary fruit plate, we visited the hotel’s hot tub and sauna facilities. We were then led by hotel staff to their Spa Suites. After choosing our favorite scented oils for the upcoming body massage, we stayed inside the steam room for about 20 minute. We were then seated and our feet soaked in warm water filled with scented oil and rose petals, while enjoying cups of comfort tea. What follows next is 60 minutes of body massage. At the beginning of the massage, I had my doubts as to whether this session was going to be like other spas that use gimmicks such as striking a gong to appear professional, or if the masseuse wasn’t going to be any good at his/her craft. I was pleasantly surprised after the session ended. The hand techniques and pressure level employed by the masseuse was very good. And of course, the romantic spa suite surrounding also contributed to a positive experience. After the relaxing scented body oil massage session, I had one of the best night of sleep ever. (The hotel offers spa discounts for overnight guests, it’s a worthwhile experience if you are visiting the hotel). I also recommend staying in the stand-alone villas that are on the property. These villas offer an unique experience and the ultimate privacy over standard guest rooms. Experience it for yourself.

The hotel offers excellent breakfast and afternoon tea menus, don’t miss the chance to try both of these during your visit.

Before leaving Sun Moon Lake area, make sure to visit the Antique Assam Tea Farm (日月老茶廠) to purchase fine examples of Taiwanese tea. The facility is not far from the hotel.

In closing, while you are in Taiwan, don’t forget to try out the wide selection of tasty Taiwanese cuisine such as the Din Tai Fung Dumpling House (鼎泰豐). You won’t regret it.