Bonding with Family

Irene2-5This kitty’s name is Mignon, meaning “small” in French (she is my lovely friend’s little angel). What a cute kitty she is. I’ve never seen a cat

that likes to be massaged, and it seems she is really enjoying the moment. Mignon usually hides in the closet or her own private place. When she hears us visiting, sooner than later she often appears, wanting a massage from me. Can you imagine how cute that scene is?

Mignon is easily startled, like most kitties, if we accidentally dropped things on the floor, she usually runs away and hides. Cats exhibit natural actions that are simply cute, such as when they are licking their own fur and when they are meowing, too cute to describe. Mignon does not like to be bothered at times, taking a picture with her can be quite challenging.

I’ve observed these little things while playing with Mignon:

When she curls her paws, it means she is feeling very comfortable, similar to when she is suckling milk from her mom when she was little; when you hear her purring sound, it means she is satisfied and happy; she keeps herself very clean, she would often lick her own paw and then wipe her head with her paw to keep clean; when her eye pupils are almond shaped, it means she is in a relaxed state.

I have many dear friends who are animal lover, and I also enjoy the companionship of cats and dogs. Ever since my Little White passed away due to old age (a Labrador mix), friends have encouraged me to adopt cats or dogs from the shelter. I am still thinking about it, the pain of our furry friends departing is simply too great at times…..

What I really want to say is this: let’s love the small animals that surround us and respect life, because we are all God’s unique creation. Although Little White has gone to heaven for almost a year, I still think about him. There was one instance in particular that was hard to forget: toward the end of his life, there was one day when I was taking an extended walk with him, all of a sudden, he knelt down, was breathing heavily, and had difficulty rising up again. I was terrified and knelt down to see if he was okay. My heart was filled with unimaginable anxiety and I uttered, don’t worry, I will be here, rest a little. I noticed Little White’s eyes were filled with tears, but I also noticed that my own tears had dripped onto his paws, perhaps he cried after seen my tears.


Remembering Little White:

Little White has been a loyal friend to the end, always there to greet us when we return home, and always there waiting to send us off when we leave the house. Always so full of energy, playful, and protective. We are thankful to God that we got to see him one last time before he left for heaven. We only wish that we could’ve spent more time with him from when he was growing up to when he was aging into his senior years. We are so very lucky that we were able to be part of the same family in this life time. So many sweet memories, and yet so much sorrow when a loved one departs, life is so contradictory. May God bless your soul, we miss u so dearly.